Well hello!

I'm Wesley Verhoeve, a photographer and curator based in Amsterdam and NYC.

My work has appeared in National Geographic, the Washington Post, and Wired Magazine. I shoot campaigns for LinkedIn, Headspace, Squarespace, Hanes, etc.

My curatorial work includes one hundred exhibits at the International Center of Photography (ICP) featuring work by over 300 photographers from 50+ countries. I write Arrivals, a monthly LensCulture column about new voices in photography.

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In every issue of Process I share from a deep well of experiences and lessons learned in the field as a professional photographer and curator.

I take you behind-the-scenes on client shoots, show you how to make a photo book, stay organized, start a new project, build a portfolio, pitch a project. I also pull shoots and projects from my archive, share never before seen contact sheets, and talk about what I learned from each. And finally I also dig into the more philosophical aspects of photography like answering the question: “Who are you taking pictures for?”

There is always more to learn which means photography is never boring, but at the same time it can be overwhelming and frustrating. Process is here to inspire and guide you past milestones so you are empowered to tell your story best.

Each issue includES a subscribers-only giveaway with free film, books, and more.

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Process Giveaways

Every issue of Process features a subscribers-only giveaway. Prizes range from film, to cameras, photo books, limited edition prints, accessories and more.

Partners include Kodak, Steidl, Moment, Cinestil, Lomography, Galerie Bene Taschen, Intrepid, Negative Supply, and photographers like Matt Day, Rosie Matheson, Jamel Shabazz and more.

The Process readers form a deeply engaged and curious community spread out over more than 50 countries. Ranging from professionals to aspiring photographers, passionate hobbyists, and photo enthusiasts our commitment is to craft and learning.

If you’re a company or photographer interested in participating in a Process Giveaway, please reach out to me via email.

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Where Else Can You Find Me?

Portfolio: wesley.co.
Instagram: @wesley
Twitter: @wesley

For more, watch this video by my friend Willem Verbeeck where we talk about my work and my thoughts on self-assigning work.

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